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What are Premium Categories?

Premium categories are groups of tasks that you can unlock in Upkeep as part of our everything bundle. There are a bunch of categories that are included for free, but if you want to try out the Business, Finance, or Fitness categories simply purchase our everything bundle for $1.99 and get all premium categories and the ability to add custom tasks! You can check out what is included in each premium category by tapping on the category. Browse the tasks and then purchase the everything bundle when you want to add one of the tasks to your task list.

How do I add a custom task?

If you want to add your own custom task, just go to the categories screen, then tap the "+" button in the top right. Custom tasks are a part of our everything bundle which you can purchase for $1.99 which also unlocks all the premium categories. Once you've unlocked custom tasks, just fill out the information for your custom task and tap "Save" to add it to your task list.

What is included in the everything bundle?

The everything bundle is $1.99 and includes all existing premium categories (Business, Finance, and Fitness) and any future premium categories that we release. It also unlocks the ability to add custom tasks.

Can I sync my tasks between my iPhone and iPad?

No, Upkeep does not currently support syncing tasks between devices.

Can I share or assign tasks to other people?

We do not currently support sharing your tasks or assigning tasks to other people with the app.

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