Upkeep task list screenshot

You have lots of stuff to do.
Upkeep can help.

Having a life means having things to keep up with, maintain, and replace. Some of these things are tough to remember - that's where Upkeep comes in.

Just tell Upkeep, for example, the last time you changed your home's air filter. Now, you go relax, and Upkeep will remind you when it's time to do it again.

Take action right away.
Or tackle it later.

Upkeep knows you’re busy. With that in mind, you can easily push things off until later in the day, tomorrow, the upcoming weekend, or set a date that works for you.

You can then go about your day without having to worry about remembering everything you have to do.

Upkeep task list screenshot
Upkeep task list screenshot

Hundreds of built-in tasks.
With custom reminders.

Upkeep tasks live within organized categories such as Home, Auto, and Personal. Each task comes with an overview and default reminder time to help you quickly get started.

Have a task that’s unique to you? Adding custom tasks is available as an in-app purchase.